Resolving specifiers in UXP script?

Is there a way (yet) in pure UXP scripts to resolve a raw specifier, i.e. an equivalent for the resolve(..) function in ExtendScript? I’m trying to migrate some scripts that make use of this for performance/simplicity reasons… e.g. for looking up a particular Note by its ID, regardless of its owning container.


as far as I know, there is no equivalent global function “resolve” in UXP (yet). My workaround so far:

const tfSpecifier = app.selection[0].toSpecifier();
const tf = resolve(tfSpecifier);

function resolve(specifier) {
	if(!specifier || typeof specifier !== "string") {
		return null;

	const indesign = require('indesign');
	const { app, ScriptLanguage } = indesign;

	let item;

	try {
		item = app.doScript(
			"resolve(\"" + specifier + "\");", 
	} catch(err) {

	if(!item || !(item instanceof Object)|| !Reflect.has(item, "isValid") || !item.isValid) {
		return null;

	return item;

But this is probably not going to boost performance. :wink:


Thanks @Roland_Dreger for the… innovative workaround. I’d have to do so measurements but I suspect this indeed is not going to help much on the performance side (and most certainly not on in terms of complexity ;- )

Please Adobe let’s have a nice resolve function in the ‘indesign’ UXP module eh?