Return an array of Color Table colors with batchPlay in UXP for Photoshop

Is it possible to use batchPlay to return an array containing all of the colors in a color table saved to an ACT file?

Or all of the colors from a color swatch group?


UXP can import a swatch group from an ACT file with batchPlay, like this:

command = [
  {"_obj":"set","_target":[{"_property":"colors","_ref":"property"},{"_enum":"ordinal","_ref":"application","_value":"targetEnum"}],"append":true,"to":{"_kind":"local","_path":await tokenify("C:\\Users\\Jason\\Pictures\\color tables\\test color table.act")}},
  {"_obj": "get","_target": [{"_ref": "property", "_property":"colors"}]}

But the get command throws this error:

{_obj: “error”, message: “The command “Get” is not currently available.”, result: -25920}

Is there a batchPlay syntax that will return a reference to a swatch group that is a member of:


and from the swatch group to the colors it contains?