Returning all selected layer id’s with batchPlay in UXP for Photoshop

What’s the correct way to return all of the selected layer id’s with batchPlay?

Also, does any batchPlay layer property indicate whether or not a layer is selected?

This code will return some key identifiers for all layers:

async function test_modal_function(){

layerProperties =

{ _obj: “multiGet”,

 _target: {_ref: [{_ref: "document", _enum: "ordinal"}]},

  extendedReference: [["name", "layerID", "parentLayerID", "itemIndex", "group", "layerKind"], {_obj: "layer", index:1, count:-1}],
 options: {failOnMissingProperty:false, failOnMissingElement: false}


result = await require(“photoshop”).action.batchPlay([layerProperties], {});

Is there a syntax for the target term: {_obj: “layer”, index:1, count:-1}, that will return these data for all selected layers?

Alternatively, is there a layer property that can be returned that indicates whether or not that layer is selected?