Run batchPlay with Modal Dialog open?

Is it possible to run batchPlay with a modal dialog open?

From what I can tell, batchPlay won’t run while the modal dialog is open. I have a button in the dialog that runs a function which contains both DOM commands and batchPlay in it. The function will run the DOM commands but it stops at the batchPlay. When adding a command to close the modal dialog before the function runs it will then run then entire function with the batchPLay fine.

Try adding second parameter:

  descriptors, {
    "modalBehavior": "execute"

Thanks for the info. I just tested this. It seems that it works for some things and not others. For mine, it runs through the first 2 descriptors and stops at the 3rd which is the duplicate layer step and gives the error “The command “Layer Via Copy” is not available”. It tried putting each command on it’s own batchPlay command with only 1 descriptor each and it did the same thing.

Without the modal window it works fine and there is no reason the duplicate layer command should not be available. So I’m guessing it is a bug.

I will just ditch the modal window idea and process with non-modal only instead for now.

It is not a bug. This setting is just for something else.

What is it for? In Adobes doc, it seems to indicate that batchPlay should work with it set to execute. However, the documentation is very brief and maybe I’m misinterpreting it.