Save or export photoshop file as mp4

Hi everyone
can someone please guide how to save animatad PSD files in mp4 format.

Can Photoshop do this at all? I thought only GIFs were supported :thinking:

yes photoshop can do it, while rendering the we can opt for gif or mp4 fomrat

this is my code

// alchemist code
core.executeAsModal(async (ptkn) => {
return await psAction.batchPlay([
_obj: “export”,
using: {
_obj: “videoExport”,
directory: {
_path: ptkn,
_kind: “local”
name: “test Video.mp4”,
ameFormatName: “H.264”,
amePresetName: “3_Low Quality.epr”,
useDocumentSize: true,
frameRate: 15,
pixelAspectRatio: {
_enum: “pixelAspectRatio”,
_value: “document”
fieldOrder: {
_enum: “videoField”,
_value: “preset”
manage: true,
inFrame: 0,
outFrame: 450,
renderAlpha: {
_enum: “alphaRendering”,
_value: “none”
quality: 1,
Z3DPrefHighQualityErrorThreshold: 5
_options: {
dialogOptions: “dontDisplay”
], {})
}, { “comma ndName”: "Save in mp4 " });

//extra code
let fold = await fs.getFolder();
let newFileName = testSave.mp4;
var ptkn = fs.createSessionToken(fold);