Save sequential tiffs open documents (Photoshop)

I have around 6000 files from a manuscript scan job (40 + books ) which need to be split into two images (pages) per file and then saved as sequential tiffs. I already have a canvas split action in Photoshop but want to do the saving part via UXP for obvious reasons. I am not a programmer but understand some basic javascript. Can someone point me to some basic components/elements that I might be able to use to create the tiff save section with sequential numbering? All the sample scripts I could find in git are more ui related etc.

Ok, so you’re asking quite a few questions in one here but I’ll try and give you a high level overview:

1.) Get files as UXP entries

2.) Loop through each file and:
2.1) Run split Action (or do it with UXP!)
2.1) Loop document layers and:
2.1.1) Export layer with new name - see batchPlay comment below

Most of what you need is to handle file opening/saving can be found here:
Persistent Local Storage API.
Currently the only way to export .tiff files is via batchPlay.

I’d start with the vanilla starter plugin from UDT and build a simple folder picker to achieve step 1 above and then go from there.

EDIT: I’ve just read this back and I’ve got to apologise for the patronising tone! In my defense I wrote it whilst walking down the street and I was interrupted by two conversations!

Whilst not exactly what you want to achieve this example has a lot of the ingredients and demonstrates using batchPlay and executeAsModal, two core UXP concepts, alongside JS asynchronous code.

Thanks Timothy, I really appreciate your help and the mention of batchPlay and Persistent Storage API will take a look at this and see if I can get something working!

And this thread offers a more high level approach to how to structure some UXP JS.

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