Scrollbar not hidden in UXP panel


Hi everyone, I want to ask a question, not new but important :smile:

It is possible to hide the scrollbar?
It’s allways display (like z-index 1m) when I set a div layer over it (to show the popup - zindex not work in this case)


  • The background white it’s a layer poup, at the same level with root id.
  • The scrollbar (ver & horz) still show

How about overflow: hidden? :slight_smile: overflow - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

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Yes, overflow: hidden is a another solution.
But in my case, I want to keep layer background transparent and show the toast at current button click show (download toast or something like that, caclulator the pos for scrollTo ,…)
Set overflow will append many times for many position => cover many case, unfortunately its will be tricky :(((

No; if you show a scroll bar, they cannot be stacked — they will always have infinite z-order. This is a limitation of the Ps UI compositing later, and not something we have control over.

If you want to layer something on top of a scrollable area, you have to hide it yourself.

Or, render a popover instead (anything w/ a new window works). (So, sp-menu drop downs and similar can overlay, but only because they create a new window. You can tell this visually because the window focus stare subtly changes. )

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Oh, clearly. Thanks for quick support!