Select (single) nodes outside the edit context programmatically


Currently, one can only select a node when it’s inside the edit context. I think it would be useful if one could set the selection independently of the edit context to show a user a certain node. One example of this would be to highlight a certain node in the scenegraph.

Personally, I’m currently developing a plugin which lets the user search for nodes and then selects them by multiple criteria (a full-text search kind of thing where the user can search for text or layer names and then choose from the results which one gets selected). However, selecting them only works if they aren’t part of a group.

Since I don’t want to edit this node, but just select it (if that’s easier: after everything the plugin does is finished), I feel like the edit context shouldn’t be a restriction here (since I can also select any node inside XD leaving me to believe that that may not be part of the technical restrictions behind the edit context).

Al in all, I’d like to be able to select a node (if that’s better: after the plugin is finished) in order to highlight it to the user, even if it’s outside the current edit context.

@pklaschka this is a good feature request. However, since “selecting” a node is still outside the edit context, this won’t be possible in the near future. Once panel becomes available, you might be able to work around this by showing more information and guides in your panel based on user’s selection.