Setting Text Input value to null is not the same as setting to an empty string

If I have a form text input and I set the value to an empty string it erases the value. In my tests if I set it to null it does not reset the value displayed.

Expected Behavior

Setting to null is same as setting to empty string.

Actual Behavior

Setting to null does not reset the text input value.

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Agreed ā€“ that would also align this behaviour with chromium-based browsers (which ā€“ I assume ā€“ work according to some standard which Iā€™m too lazy to look up right now :wink:):


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This definitely feels like a bug. Good catch!

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Moved to the Bug report forum.

@Velara revisiting this bug report - looks like setting the text value to null resets the input value now. Please let us know if you still see the problem