Sort images based on Brightness

can anyone please guide me. I have images which i want to align/use based on there brightness values. Like bright images should be used first and then the darker images
Can we get the brightness of each image through some code

Did you try document histogram?

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I would recommen this as well

Unless it’s the very same framing of the very same subject (e.g. a bracketed exposures) the histogram analysis per se might fail, otherwise it can be a viable option.

How to use histogram :frowning:
i wanted to align the image based on two parameters

  1. Brightness
  2. dominant color

like forexample
get all RED color dominant images and align left top area and then further sub align on brightness values

If you want dominant color you could try to convert image into Indexed Color mode and set colors e.g. to 2 colors with black and white not enforced without dithering. Then you could convert into RGB and read histogram for red, green and blue to find what those 2 colors are. …or something like that.