Sp-checkbox can I 'uncheck' a checked box via Javascript

I have a series of checkboxes that I’d like to be able to uncheck via a click event. I’ve written the function and tried a number of different methods with no success.

document.getElementById("myCheckBox").activated = false;

this is what I thought might work but it doesn’t. I see that in the HTML you can specify “checked” or “unchecked”.

Never heard of html activated or unchecked. Where did you see those? You can have attribute checked set to checked eg., or to uncheck just remove attribute

what would the syntax look like? I can’t tell you where I saw the .activated. I’ve searched damn near the entire internet looking for an answer.

document.getElementById(“print-laser”).removeAttribute(“checked”); Thank you for the nudge. That was what I needed!!

This also works

document.getElementById("myCheckBox").checked = false;

Or to check it on

document.getElementById("myCheckBox").checked = true;

I remember setting to false didn’t use to work on all browsers, but yes - that’s UXP and shouldn’t matter if it works