Spaces in Font Family names are trimmed (for text nodes in PSD file when opened in XD)

Hi Team,
I am trying to get the fontFamily attribute from a text nodes styleRanges object.
When a PSD file is opened in XD, the spaces in fonfamily attribute in styleRanges object is trimmed and the fontStyle attribute is concatinated with the font name (see below).
Even If I copied a text layer from PSD to XD file, the same issue is happening. But the text settings in XD looks the same for both (See attachment)

styleRanges object for text node in PSD file when opened in XD
{ fontFamily: 'BlenderPro-Medium', fontStyle: '', }

Normal styleRanges object for simillar text node created in XD
{ fontFamily: 'Blender Pro', fontStyle: 'Medium', }

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