Styling Text within a TextFrame

Hi there, I’m fairly new to InDesign and UXP. I had a question regarding styling texts and text frames. Does anybody know of a way to style individual texts within a text frame? For instance, once I add a text frame and it’s contents, how can I select texts within that text frame and apply styles to them?

Here’s an example of what I want my text to look like.

What did you try so far?

Given your samples, my recommendation would be to use Paragraph Styles. And given those exact samples, Paragraph Styles using Adobe InDesign Nested Styles that trigger off of the , (comma) and | (pipe). And then potentially even use Next Style so that they cascade.

But in Adobe InDesign, you have access to the following ways to address text within a story:

  • paragraphs
  • lines
  • words
  • characters
  • insertionPoints
  • textColumns
  • storys
  • textStyleRanges
  • texts