"submit" event no longer working in Ps 22.4.0

I have the following button in a UXP dialog:

<sp-button type="submit" id="buttonLIGHTSTPOK" variant="primary" style="position: relative; left: 20px;">OK</sp-button>

It’s part of a form:

<form method="dialog" id="formLIGHTSTPDIALOG" style="padding: 50px; width: 480px; height: 240px;">

The JS:

document.getElementById('formLIGHTSTPDIALOG').addEventListener('submit', function(evt){
    console.log("here")    //Should log "here" but it doesn't
    evt.preventDefault();  //To keep form from closing with when "return" key hit

This used to properly log “here” when the “OK” button was clicked. Not anymore. The “OK” button does nothing now. The submit event seems to longer be captured.

Noticed the same.
Had to change to a normal click event.
I reported it to @kerrishotts

Hmm, just to follow up, I added a “click” function for the “OK” button and removed the “type=submit” attribute from the HTML for the “OK” button, and now the “submit” event works when I hit the return key. At least on Windows. Haven’t tried it on Mac. It looks like the “type=submit” attribute was what was causing the submit event to not propagate.

Good to know. Thanks.