Support forum for UXP plugins and customers

More than a few times over the years there have been plugin customers posting questions here asking for help on using a plugin. They are usually redirected to the plugin authors website. It was the same for me. Then I setup a Discourse forum. It took over a month and over $$$ but it was finally setup. This was two or three years ago now. Since then I’ve made a few changes and I’m at a point now that I’d like to open the forum up for other plugin developers.

If you are a UXP plugin developer or UXP plugin company and you need a forum for your plugins you can create a category at and have your customers post there (including Express plugins). The forums took a lot of work to get setup and I’d rather see the UXP community thrive and focus on creating plugins rather than support forums. And you can always setup your own forum and migrate your posts over whenever you want or need.

There’s no requirements except if you add your plugin you must manage your plugin posts.

If you are a plugin author and set up an account send me a message here with your plugin name and I’ll upgrade your account and create the category.

It has just been upgraded and is running the latest version.


Great initiative :slight_smile: :clap: But the welcome meassage says it just for your plugins :slight_smile: Maybe a good idea to update it

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How does this sound:

Welcome to the community! These are the support forums for apps and UXP plugins created by members of the UXP community.

You can find guides here, frequently asked questions, create new topics, give feedback and share your work.

I still need to update the logo to something…

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