Table is rendering fine, but generating errors in debugger

I’ve got a very simple table:

							<td>The table body</td>
							<td>with two columns</td>

and it displays as expected in my UXP based panel. But the Adobe UXP Developer Tool is showing errors

"\nLayout Error: Expected a table-row box."

Screen shot of the 4 errors:

Is this something I’m doing wrong, a problem with the Debugging Tool, or a problem with UXP?


What if you remove <tbody/>?

Thanks for the suggestion, but it still generates those same warnings/errors.

I am not getting any error in debugger console.

Can you share a screen recording or more info to understand the issue.

Thanks for following up, Rahul.
I think it was being caused by CSS settings. It had gone away and then came back (with a different warning) and now is gone again. The only thing that I changed was the CSS.
If it happens again, I’ll be sure to make a recording and share it.


Something worth noting – UXP only supports valid tables (unlike a browser which will try to fix things up). So it’s possible that CSS could get in the way of things here to cause the table layout itself to become invalid… which would then cause these types of errors.

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Maybe that was the issue. Good to know. Thanks!