Table is rendering fine, but generating errors in debugger

I’ve got a very simple table:

							<td>The table body</td>
							<td>with two columns</td>

and it displays as expected in my UXP based panel. But the Adobe UXP Developer Tool is showing errors

"\nLayout Error: Expected a table-row box."

Screen shot of the 4 errors:

Is this something I’m doing wrong, a problem with the Debugging Tool, or a problem with UXP?


What if you remove <tbody/>?

Thanks for the suggestion, but it still generates those same warnings/errors.

I am not getting any error in debugger console.

Can you share a screen recording or more info to understand the issue.

Thanks for following up, Rahul.
I think it was being caused by CSS settings. It had gone away and then came back (with a different warning) and now is gone again. The only thing that I changed was the CSS.
If it happens again, I’ll be sure to make a recording and share it.