Trying to find the dialogs available in UXP localfilesystem - to select a folder

I am trying to find dialogs available in in UXP localfilesystem. After wandering through the maze of twisty little passages in the online dlocumentation, I got to this page which looked so useful, but all (well all the ones I tried at least) are broken (404), Where can I find the dialogs tbhat are available in Storage localfilesystem?

Right now I just want to popup a dialog to select a folder, but I will probably want to find other things that this page should link to soon.

Here you go, getFolder returns a UXP entry object on which you can use the other fs methods.

const fs = require('uxp').storage.localFileSystem;
const folderEntry = await fs.getFolder();

I’d link to the relevant docs but as you’ve seen they’re down! You were in the right place though.

@pkrishna - pinging to notify that some doc pages are 404

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You are looking at pages up to Photoshop 2021; see pages 2022 and beyond.

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Great, thanks guys, not sure how I ended up in the old version tho!