[ts] Property 'read' does not exist on type 'Entry'

In Visual Studio Code I’m going through and trying to remove any errors it’s mentioning and one is:

[ts] Property ‘read’ does not exist on type ‘Entry’.


This line works. How do I correct this error since ES6 doesn’t support types?

I assume (since it knows the Entry type), that you’re using the typings?

If so, this is a known issue (if you could possibly file an issue on GitHub, that would be great), but there unfortunately isn’t a solution right now, since there is no way for me in the typings to let editors know that isFile confirms that an object is really a File and not just an Entry.

In WebStorm, I always disable the inspections for these “local” occurances – I don’t know if that’s an option in VSCode as well. Besides that, I haven’t come up with a solution, yet – if anyone knows a way for JSDoc to mark a property to confirm an object’s type (like here), feedback would be very much appreciated (then, I could fix this in the typings)…