Updating LUT file on adjustment layer

Hey gang, I know there was a post around importing lut file but this one is related to changing a color lookup adjustment file. I’m trying to add a color lookup adjustment layer, then change it to a locally stored 3DLUT (in the plugin folder).

I’ve got the below in testing updating the 3DLUT layer file lookup to a default adobe one:

await require("photoshop").action.batchPlay([
       //Presume color lookup adjustment layer already added and is active layer
                    "_value":"/Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2022/Presets/3DLUTs/DropBlues.3DL"
                "name":"/Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2022/Presets/3DLUTs/DropBlues.3DL",
                "LUT3DFileName":"/Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2022/Presets/3DLUTs/DropBlues.3DL"
    ], {"synchronousExecution": true, "modalBehavior": "execute",})

I get no love with no errors.

If I use the plugin record commands function in PS, it just spits out all the data in raw format with thousands of lines of codes, hardly useful is all.

Any help is appreciated.