UXP Support Nodejs process modules?


UXP plugin supports NodeJS process, path and fs modules? Currently I’m working on migrating the CEP panel into UXP plugin, in my CEP panel lot of NodeJS modules involved. What are the NodeJS modules doesn’t support for UXP plugin?

UXP Plugin supports Node.js style fs and path modules. but technically they are not same as Node.js modules.

see more details on document.
fs module

window.path object

but as I said, Node.js and UXP have differences between them.
I recommend to see UXP document carefully.
you’ll see how different they are.

I needed to migrate an extension with HTTP, spawn child process, socket.io, and jrpc. So far I can’t make them work on the UXP framework. I’m really scared that I won’t be able to fully migrate our CEP extension. And I don’t find any confirmation if Adobe is going to drop support of CEP someday.

Yes, they are going to drop, but this won’t happen soon. I believe you have at least a couple of years (probably more), based on their scattered notes here and there