UXP Types in Visual Studio Code?

Is there a way to make Visual Studio Code aware of UXP JavaScript types?

I’m using uxp-types - npm. I’m not sure how good the coverage is, but it worked for my case.

As I recall, there is an official Adobe TypeScript package, but it was very incomplete

keep in mind that package is outdated and abandoned since the developer does not have access to adobe software and is not interested anymore.

last update was 2 years ago and UXP is still growing so it is also incomplete

@Maher Do you have a better source? That one was the best I found at the time I was searching for it.

sadly, no I don’t. the dev said contributions to the repo are welcomed though.

I might look into it later but hopefully someone more knowledgable could help with directions.

We are working out the type defs for UXP and it will be released very soon. Hang in there!