Want to change width/ height of a rectangle in a symbol

I am trying to make changes in a rectangle height and width and I want it to do by selecting symbol or group.
Found a solution here but that is only for group and another problem is it ungroup,change width and group elements again so it change the name of group, I don’t want to do that.

I’m not quite sure I follow what’ you’re trying to accomplish. Can you point to the other solution that doesn’t quite work for you?

If you’ve got a graphic that shows what you’re trying to accomplish, that might be easier too.

In Simple words I have a group with text and rectangle and I want to make changes in dimensions of rectangle.

You can make changes to the selected item’s immediate children and itself. However, as per the edit context rule, the plugin is not allowed to make changes beyond the edit context. Currently, there is really no good workaround for this other than the imperfect grouping/ungrouping solution, which you appear to have already tried implementing.

Exactly, I have implemented that but the problem is when I have a custom name of group, I can not rename it to same group name and another problem will occur when working with symbols , It will not be a symbol anymore.