Websocket fails

Hi UXP Experts,
Is there a way to get better notification when the Websocket fails. It would help to know that we are wasting our time trying to get answers while debugging.
Actually the window that says it’s disconnected is way under a pile of other windows. It could be made to be on top to be noticed.
Where do I have to change which setting to what value?

It’s not clear what window you’re referring to; some more context would be useful.

The window is the one that says that that websocket is disconnected. Next time I get it I will capture the screen and post it here.
If anything is needed, don’t hesitate to ask.

This is the window

@pdophoto It usually happens when the Host app is closed or the plugin is unloaded in between debug sessions.

We have fixed it and it will be available in our next release.

Thank you very much.