What event to listen for for input change on text field

I have a input change handler setup on a panel but I’d like to get an event for each key press. The docs say only change is supported. Is this still true?

It looks like keydown works on Mac (not tested on Windows). There seems to be a conflict with change events though. If I set the value to something else change event will change it back (on Mac). I’ve refactored so that any changes happen in the change event so I guess it is ok for now. But haven’t tested on Windows. It could be different.

This is what I am using on the plugin I’m currently making:

filterInput.addEventListener('keydown', (event) => {
    switch(event.key) {
        case "ArrowDown":
           // do stuff
        case "ArrowUp":
           // do stuff
            // since keyup is not supported add delay;
            keydownDelay = setTimeout(function(){
            }, 500);

Here is a demo: https://twitter.com/mightyalex/status/1244022536301674496

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