Which flow corresponds to a link?

I wonder if there’s a way to know what flows are related to each created link from Share Tab?

I mean if I have eight links and 4 flows, how can I find out which flows corresponds to a link and which flows corresponds to another link?

Looking through what shows in the console it looks like there’s nothing I can do to find out :frowning:

I think there’s should be a flows array property under cloud.getSharedArtifacts().

There is a url in the FlowInfo and an embedURL in the shared links. If you generate a Map that connects the links to their flows using the common URL, would that provide the information you need, or is there something missing?

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Hi @DavidXD
Are you saying that a flow maps to only one link?
There couldn’t be multiple flows to the same link?

Each flow has a URL that is the same URL as one of the shared links to the flow. However there can be multiple links to the same flow, and I do not see a way to match every link to a specific flow. So I agree that getting flow information from cloud.getSharedArtifacts() would be helpful. Thanks for the suggestion!

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thanks. There’s also a need to see the artboards array of each flow.
Those artboards that get selected when clicking on the name of the flow ribbon.

something like

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