Why can't I simply get activeLayer.name?

Here I was trying out from an example UXP plugin, and I assigned this function to the second button “WoopsYeah”, which worked well until I add “.name” to the red rect place.
It seems to have a stop at Row 24 if “.name” is added and Const b would not be printed, albeit Const c is not used.
And If I remove “.name”, Const b will be printed.
So why I could’t just directely get the chosen layer’s name (I test several ArtLayer attr but all of them lead to the same problem) or did I miss something?

What did you get without a .name? I suspect there’s no active layer and you should see an error in console while trying to access name of undefined

I got “15” as printed in “Output”, that went well. And I’m pretty sure I do have selected one and only one artLayer so there should be no way of app.activeDocument.activeLayer returnning undefined.

What is c without a .name?

Nevermind :slight_smile:
activeDocument does not have a property named activeLayer. That’s what I was talking about. You should get undefined for c without a .name.

Property you should use is activeLayers, which is a collection (array of layers). So if you want only one first active layer, it should be:


But I strongly suggest to have some checks if there’s an active document and/or layers
Maybe something like this (would need to test):


Oh my! I got screwed.
You are right, activeLayers[$] do help. “activeLayers” is not mentioned in this 2020 PS.JS doc and I don’t know why.

I suppose for UXP you should be using web version of docs, which is kinda updated more or less frequently. Definitely more than PDF :slight_smile:

This PDF shows the JavaScript Reference for CEP extensions, which is the outdated technology.
As @Karmalakas said, for UXP you should check the web documentation. (I don’t think UXP docs even exist in PDF format)

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I was wondering if that PDF could be for CEP :slight_smile: