XD 28 new plugin APIs

XD 28 adds a few small new APIs for plugins:

  • New SceneNode.BLEND_MODE_* constants for use with the SceneNode.blendMode property (which was introduced in XD 27).

  • Quickly look up a scenenode by its GUID with scenegraph.getNodeByGUID(guid) – useful for persistently remembering a node across plugin operations and even across document open/closes.

  • Easily check if a scenenode is currently in scope for editing with selection.isInEditContext(node) – useful if you want your plugin to traverse a whole subtree and edit as much of it as possible without risk of throwing an error.

Note: the new interaction types introduced in XD 28 (audio-file playback & “scroll to” actions) are not exposed to plugins yet. Several other interaction types already have the same caveat – see interactions API documentation for a complete list.

Further reading

As always – happy plugin building!


All excellent and some of them even old requests–thanks!

Is scenegraph.getNodeByGUID really fast as in hash-table-ish fast?

Is scenegraph.getNodeByGUID really fast as in hash-table-ish fast?

Yep! It is much faster than traversing the whole tree to search for the node matching that GUID, which was the only thing plugins could do before this.



This is really useful


Yes, it’s deadly useful for building data structures outside the scenegraph that need to reference nodes without using real object references.