Add Plugin Icon near Layers icon in Tools panel

Add an icon to open up the plugins menu in the Tools panel and/or allow a specific plugin to be in the Tools panel

So two features

  1. Allow a plugin to be pinned in the Toolbar
  2. Add plugins menu item in the Toolbar

The image below is being truncated. Click on it to see the full image.

Use Case
Keiko is a designer who created Color Mixer 2000 for her work. She uses it on nearly every project and repeats the option to open the Color Mixer a few times an hour.

On her Mac she always selects Plugins > Color Mixer but she recently switched to Windows. Now to use her plugin she has to choose Hamburger Menu > Plugins > Color Mixer. As a vegan she is not happy about the food industry but besides that there is an extra step to reach her plugin.

She opens the plugin manager and thinks how can I make this plugin more accessable?

Keep your eyes peeled – something that will help with this is coming your way very soon. :slight_smile: