Add items into the main plugin menu

Is there any way to add items into main plugin menu? It seems to be extendable but I can’t find documentation how to extend it.

not yet! We’ve had many people asking for it. We will keep you posted

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Note also that if you add command entries or have other panels, they’ll show up in the menu. But they’ll have to work with or without your plugin visible… which can be fun to do.

Won’t the panels just open?

Panels will open, yes, but if your plugin opens a modal dialog for one menu item that assumes a panel has already rendered at least once, that can become an issue. For example, imagine a Settings dialog that, when closed, should update the panel (if visible). If you don’t have the logic to handle the case where the panel hasn’t been rendered (so nothing’s in the DOM, your code might do some funny things. :slight_smile:

Nothing that can’t be dealt with, of course, but just something to keep in mind. (Mainly because menu items are always enabled.)