Dialogs can't be opened until menu used to open one

When I have a mixture of panels and dialogs being opened from the plugin menu, any dialog cannot be opened until a panel is clicked. In my situation, I only have dialogs. I have to use the dropdown menu from the top bar and open one. This opens the associated dialog. The plugin menu docked on the right in the plugins panel now allows me to open dialogs.

Is this a known bug?
PS v24.5

Any thoughts @Jarda, @kerrishotts ?

I would suggest clearly structuring your post and listing step by step detailed instructions on how to reproduce issue. I personally from your original post didn’t understand what’s working and what’s not, what’s happening and what’s expected to happen.

Create a plugin only containing < dialog > elements. The manifest contains only command types for the entrypoints.

Clicking the entrypoints shown on the dockable plugins planel on first load does nothing. I must use the toolbar ‘Plugins’, expand my plugin and pick a dialog from here. Once this is done, the clickable plugins panel docked will function correctly.

Sounds like your plugin is not loaded on Ps load and plugins panel can’t actually launch a command. Try adding to your manifest:

  "host": {
    "data" : {
      "loadEvent": "startup"

I might be wrong - just guessing
But if that helps, I assume this might be a bug, because IMO commands should if they’re listed

That seems to have resolved the issue of the dialogs not opening on first click. Interestingly, it sporadically disables my plugin option from the plugins tool bar dropdown.

I noticed this sometimes happens while developing, but never experienced on production version :man_shrugging: Maybe another bug

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