Autostart plugin on Photoshop startup to listen to addNotificationListener "open"/"close"


I’ve written a plugin that listens to Photoshop events like “open” and “close”. When the event is fired different things should happen, like showing a dialog when closing a document.

The plugin should only react to Photshop events, so I’ve started by implementing it with a “command” entrypoint. But this way the plugin wasn’t activated at startup (only by user interaction, clicking in the plugin menu entry).

That’s why I’ve implemented it with the entrypoint type “panel”. This works, but the user has to bring the panel to the foreground after starting Photoshop (if it’s not shown, the panel isn’t activated).

So my question: Is there a way the plugin is loaded automatically at startup without bringing the plugin to the foreground?

(Supplemental: Using API2 hasn’t changed that behaviour).


it’s currently not possible to automatically load plugins at startup.
But they are working on it. More here: Trello

Thank you very much, Thomas!