UXP Plugin opening all panels on startup

When my plugin is loaded, it opens every panel in the manifest. Is there a way to not have any showing on startup?

Any ideas @kerrishotts ?

@pkrishna is the UXP PM these days.


@rbrowning So your plugin will have UI panels but you dont want to show them on load? Or are you looking for a headless/command like plugin?

@rbrowning If a plugin has multiple panel entrypoints then the behaviour in Photoshop is as follows:

  • At install of the plugin & when a plugin is loaded from UDT, Photoshop will load all the panels in the plugin at the same time.
  • However on relaunch of application the panels will not load by default and only the panel invoked from the menu will get loaded.
  • Photoshop will however remember the loaded panels on quit and would open them on relaunch.

The problem here is that there is no field in the manifest to say which is the default panel to load on launch of the Plugin. We are recommending Applications to go with just loading the first panel from the manifest. Will update once applications implements this recommendation, however until then you will see this behaviour and there would be no way to supress this.