Menu Items not showing

Context: I’m trying to add menu items for my uxp plugin panel base on documentation the code should be something like this:

  plugin: {
    create(plugin: any) {
      console.log('Plugin created successfully', plugin)
    panels: {
      svelte: app,
      menuItems: [
        { id: "buggy", label: "This one is buggy...", checked: false, enabled: true },
        { id: "reloadPanelFlyout", label: "Reload Panel", checked: false, enabled: true },
        { id: "showDialog", label: "Show Dialog", checked: false, enabled: true }

but somehow menu items are still not visible on my plugin panel. Can somebody help me?


@argie_olendan: I’m under the impression that you can add menu items to the main Adobe InDesign menu, but NOT to a UXP panel.
This is the opposite behavior from UXP for Adobe Photoshop where you can add menus to the panel but not the main application’s menu.


gotcha, Thanks for the info…