Add tag, metadata or comment to components/groups

It would be great to be able to add info to a component/group that would be accessible from within UXP. Anything would actually work: a tag, meta, comment… Then you could mark a component as a type so you could treat the component in different ways depending on what type it is.


You can save data or metadata using the pluginData property:

There is also a new property added recently called sharedPluginData that lets other UXP plugins check for meta data:

I haven’t tried it but if you want to define this data globally (like literally) then you might create a cloud document with your components and set the meta data on that and then others that use that cloud document and those components and your UXP plugin can then access that meta data.


Thank you! I found this after I made this comment!

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Here are links to the new location of the plugin API documentation (no difference for the pluginData APIs, but the old location will no longer be updated):