Adding metadata to UXP Spectrum Components plugin symbols

In the Spectrum Components UXP plugin in the plugin marketplace you can create the user interface of the Spectrum components like SP-Button, SP-Input and so on and modify their colors and properties via the plugin panel.

If an Adobe XD user or designer changes a spectrum component instance on the artboard can the Spectrum UXP plugin add that information to the shared plugin data property? Have you already thought about adding this?

For example, if the graphic designer adds a Spectrum button to the artboard and changes the background from blue to green from the Spectrum UXP Panel can the Spectrum plugin add

component.sharedPluginData = {type: "sp-button"; backgroundColor: "rgba(0, 255, 0, 1)" };

That way, other plugins can see what has changed and use that information when exporting. “Here is a spectrum component, that has a blue background. OK I will export ‘SP-Button’ with a blue background instead of SVG ellipse.”

OR is there a way to tell if a component, group or symbol was created by a plugin? For example, if a user adds an button component to the artboard can my plugin find out that Spectrum Component plugin or pluginid with id “123456” added the component?