Adobe MAX | WOW! 🥰

Just want to say congrats to the entire ADOBE XD TEAM, we are going to change the world 1 art board at a time.

From the community big love to all!



One artboard at a time (as long as we don’t leave the edit context :wink:).

I couldn’t agree more, though: Congratulations to the entire XD team :tada: .


My congratulations too!!! Thanks XD Team for the great support!

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Thanks for your enthusiasm and support! We’re glad to see MAX resonated with so many people, including our new XD developer community. We’re looking forward to interacting with you here and elsewhere, and getting great XD plugins into the hands of experience designers and their stakeholders.

Today, many of the Adobe folks are traveling back home. Kerri and I are waiting for our flight back to NYC.


Good job and good travel! :slight_smile:

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