Farewell from Steve

Hi XD devs,

It’s sad to announce that I will be leaving Adobe to explore another opportunity - my last day will be January 3rd. It’s been a great honor to work with such smart, motivated XD developers since the introduction of XD plugins in October 2019.

I’ve had a lot of fun and learned a ton interacting with everyone here and some offline IRL events. While I will miss everyone, the rest of Adobe team will continue to fully support XD ecosystem and this forum. You are in good hands!

I know I have a couple of pending requests from some of you that I need to get to, so I will try to do that before the last day. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Have wonderful holidays,



Hi Steve,

first of all: Thank you so much for the work you’ve done, especially in the open-source community around the ecosystem (I believe my position allows me to speak on behalf of the external open-source developers of the XD ecosystem) :+1::pray: .

Wonderful holidays to you, too, and good luck at wherever you go next.

While I hate to do this here, a practically-minded side-question :wink:: Who’s in charge of the open-source stuff around XD, especially the xd-awesome repo, from now on (or in other words: who do I have to ping from now on :laughing:)?


Thanks @stevekwak for your great support.
Wish you the best!


@stevekwak, thanks for everything you’ve done for the platform and developer community during your time at Adobe, from working with developers in the forums, GitHub, and partnership channels, to writing API tutorials, how-to blog posts, and lots of sample code, to coding the latest iteration of adobexdplatform.com, and much more.

You will be missed, and we wish you luck on your new path.

@pklaschka, to be open, we don’t know just yet who will ultimately take on Steve’s role, but in the interim, you know who all of us are :slight_smile: and we will do our best to ensure things keep moving.

I intend to open the position in the new year, so recommendations are certainly welcome!


Thank you Steve for all your help with building UI Faces plugin in the past years. I wish you all the best for you and your future career.


Thanks so much Steve for all the help building Fireblade. Without the support you gave us we would not have found the right way.

I wish you much success on your new journey.