Adobe UXP: Things you need to know! (free video-series)

I’m Davide and I’ve been authoring content for Adobe 3rd party developers since 2014.

I’m now working on a series of free video-tutorials about UXP, covering a variety of introductory topics. Find below the updated list – I’ve just released video #6 and I’ve realized that I’ve never posted them here!

I’ll add links as soon as new content is published.
Feel free to share, comment, request, send feedback, love, gold crumbs etc. :wink:



Davide, your content & velocity are absolutely amazing. Thanks for creating this resource for Adobe developers!!!

I’ve pinned this to the top of the forum. :slight_smile:


Watched all videos and even parts of #05 multiple times already :slight_smile:
Time to check #06 - I guess this one is new :slight_smile: Saved this playlist also. Very good content so far :wink:

BTW, one video in playlist is shown as deleted :wink: Would be good to remove it if possible :slight_smile:

Good catch thanks! In fact it was video 4 (or 5?), it had a bad audio but YouTube doesn’t allow for editing so I had to upload a new one with a different name, delete the old one, rename the new as the old :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

Superb and very much appreciated

Thanks so much Davide!

Davide has a DONATE button on his website and YT pages. These vids are well made and this level of production takes a lot of work. Consider the value of expertise he offers and how much you’d like to take him out for a nice meal if you had the chance to do so. :oyster: :cut_of_meat: :croissant: :broccoli: :potato::pie:


This is very helpful. Thank you!

I’ve been following your series since the beginning and your content is really helpful to me. Thank you so much. The way you explain is incredible either.

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Thank you all for the kind words and support :heart: really appreciated!

Part 2 of what has turned out to be a 3-parts miniseries on BatchPlay & the Alchemist plugin is ready, yet – due to heavy rains – my connection (WiMAX/radio bridge) has failed and I’m on my mobile only. I’ll upload and let you know as soon as my internet service provider provides me with the service of internet again :slight_smile:


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as promised I’ve added a new episode on BatchPlay and the Alchemist plugin as a UXP Script Listener, it’s #07 – for some reason I can’t find a way to edit the original post and append the link, so here’s the entire list.

I’ve #08 already in the work – it’ll complete this BatchPlay mini-series-within-the-series.
I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:



I’ve just released part 3/3 about BatchPlay, which is episode #08 – this one about the Alchemist Plugin as an inspector. I hope you like it! Find the entire playlist below.

Let me know what you think, and thanks so much to everyone who has given a :birthday: or :coffee: donation – much appreciated :pray:t2:



Hi guys,
I’m back with a new episode of the UXP series :cupcake:This time it’s about Adobe Spectrum!

Also, from this one onwards I’ll publish a complete (written) article alongside with the YouTube video, so you can pick the medium you like the most.

The complete series so far:

Cheers from Italy!


Thanks for continuing to share your updates here @DavideBarranca. This series is awesome!