Adobe XD cannot see inside PS smart objects if there's a smart filter?!?

Hello, I’m new to coding in general. However, by trade, I am a professional user of Adobe CC. Lately I’ve been diving into scripting so I can automate some of the repetitive and often time consuming tasks that most users probably wouldn’t have a need for but people in my industry would. I’ve written my first plugin within the UXP… framework?. I decided to make the plugin for XD as the scenegraph API performed pretty much all of what I am trying to accomplish. Also, XD (usually) can see infinite levels deep into smart objects of smart objects of smart objects. The partial intended use of my plugin is to extract data from a PSD. No problem right? XD is compatible with PSD’s. And, It works perfectly… well… almost perfectly. In testing the plugin, I couldn’t figure out why some nodes were not being seen. Finally I figured out that if a smart object has a smart filter on it, the children nodes are hidden. This ruins the functionality of my plugin because if I cannot extract those hidden nodes inside a smart object that happens to have a blur filter on it, it’s useless. One solution would be to first have photoshop clear all smart filters… but that presents 2 problems; 1 - I could write a script to clear the smart filters but it would only do it at the root level of the document and not on the nested smart objects. And 2 - I don’t know if it’s even possible to have the plugin interoperate between Photoshop and XD??? I could go into more detail but I’ve already written a lot… If anyone has any comments or ideas, I would really appreciate the help!!