[UXP] [Photoshop] how can I get the layer style for a smartObject


I am trying to export a report so I have a list of smartobject that each one have a stroke from the layer style how can I access the thickness and color of this stroke I tried this

import { app } from "photoshop";
const doc = app.activeDocument;
const rootLayers = doc.layers;

rootLayers.map((layer) => {
// I can't access the layer effects from here

is it applicable on batchPlay side?

Forum search usually helps. This topic might give some hints

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thanks for the reply @Karmalakas I will check it and give it a try, I found all the attribute of the layer except the stroke in this solution but it is a great start

Check "layerEffects\":{\"frameFX\": in the layer’s json property.

thank you @AnthonyK , I will give it a try, just a quick question this is done by using “scenegraph” right?

I’m not sure what “scenegraph” is.

I’m talking about using the Alchemist plugin to get this information.

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ah great I will check it and git it a try thanks you!

yes that fixed it, I couldn’t see the layerEffects earlier