How to get a layer's blend mode in UXP? (or more generally, how to "get" properties)

In CEP one can just use Layer.blendMode. Howerver, UXP’s Layer doesn’t seem to provide this API. I suppose this can be done with some batchPlay, but I don’t know how.

Or more generally, how are we, plugin developers, supposed to know how to “get” properties via batchPlay? For actions like creating a layer, we can simply do it in Photoshop, then observe what app.eventNotifier received. But sometimes I don’t want to do an action, but merely to access some properties, like the layer’s blend mode, if it’s a clipping mask, etc. Is there a general way to discover these API?

You should definitely check Alchemist tool.

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Thank you very much! Now I get it.

For future reference, properties can be found with Alchemist’s inspector feature.