AdobeXD starter template with live reload, typings, and webpack

Hey everyone, I’ve built a starter template that you can clone to get started building an AdobeXD plugin. It handles all the hard work of installing your plugin so you can focus on writing code. Each change will automatically get published to AdobeXD (requires reloading plugins though)

AdobeXD starter template


  1. Uses webpack to build your code

  2. Uses xdpm + custom Webpack plugin to always sync your changes to AdobeXD (requires using reload command)

  3. Babel 7

  4. Typings pre-configured for you (typescript compatible via tsconfig.json and fork of typings project)

  5. Prettier linting

Feel free to use, there may be some bugs, and I havent handled all the imports for AdobeXD (can be configured as external in webpack). Let me know what you think and your feedback.

I built this to speed up my own perrsonal development cycle and I kept forgetting if I had copied the latest version of the code over. I’ll try to add parceljs and rollup versions as well.


This is awesome! Thanks for contributing to the community! I see you were able to integrate with the xdpm internals as well :slight_smile: I’ll see about making that easier and more straightforward though (and documented)

I was :slight_smile: webpack made it pretty straightforward (roll-up and parcel were a pain). I did have to use the command and pretend it was a user CLI command but you all did a great job!! Send my thanks along to the team :slight_smile: