Two new listings added to XD Awesome repository - localization helper and plugin boilerplate template

In XD Awesome repository, we just approved two pull requests created by one of our community leaders, @pklaschka, to list his localization helper library, xd-localization-helper, and his XD plugin boilerplate template, xd-plugin-boilerplate. Make sure to give these new listings a try!

I have tried both of them and I am already a big fan of them. The localization helper can help devs with localizing content of the plugin for the worldwide audience and the boilerplate template is a huge time saver for both new and advanced plugin developers with built-in automated bundling, installation, linting, and other cool features. Huge thanks to @pklaschka for creating amazing libraries and templates for the ecosystem.

Hopefully, most of you are already familiar with XD Awesome. If not, visit the repository to check out some open source plugins, templates, samples, helpers, and more.

Also, your contribution to this repo is always appreciated!


Thank you so much (it’s a pleasure working with the APIs and doing open-source work for the XD ecosystem in general). If anyone has any questions regarding my libraries or template, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Also, I’m thrilled to see what other exciting open-source projects will get done and added to the list (I’ve posted a sneak peek for a new plugin I’m planning to make open source on Twitter a few hours ago, so at least I will continue doing open-source stuff :wink:).


Can’t wait to get more info out about localizing XD plugins! I hope to see this helper enable more developers to localize.

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