Alchemist does not register the values captured with the Color picker (target highlight color) in the curve

There is no way to capture the values that are taken in the curve when picking highlights, midtones and shadows
the value in colors are not visible in the alchemist none of the cunction are visible.

Alchemist does not work for any of the canges when picking any value form picking range value Hilght,midtones or shadows.

please could you make changes or maybe theres a way to get it.

the only value is that the target was selected as the control but non value inside about the color selected

const batchPlay = require(“photoshop”).action.batchPlay;

const result = await batchPlay([ {
_obj: “select”,
_target: [
_ref: “whitePointTool”
_options: {
dialogOptions: “dontDisplay”
synchronousExecution: false,
modalBehavior: “fail”

You might have to make the choices you want, click all the “OK” buttons to close the open windows, and then turn the layer visibility on and off. That’s what’s necessary when recording actions to record a step, so maybe something like that is happening with Alchemist also.

but as you can see all ok buttons press but none recored the only thing that is recored is the whitepoinTool selected but the value from pick are not recored.

Help to solve or sugestión about the question.

You are correct. I’m not seeing that the colors get recorded by Alchemist. However, the “Clip” percentages do get recorded, so maybe you could these as a workaround.

Thank you!
But can you show me what is the Clip percentages that get recorded.

You have to enter these percentages manually, AFAIK.

What I’m trying to do is activate the (Target Highlight Color) and when the client clicks on the selected area it will automatically capture the input and output of the RGB in the curve - so I can’t do it manually.

Anyway, I made your recommendation and I observed that they did not have any results when I manually modified the white clip, as you can confirm. no value sent for the RGB but the curve was modify.

Here’s the Auto command I used.


And here is the Alchemist capture:

Thanks again!
I see that part is recorded. but I can’t use it. That does not give me any information about the color. none info about input or output of the curve, which is what I want.
I ask what needs to be done to report this.

Please any suggestions I am stuck at this point.

with no solution and no answer as to whether it will be possible to capture the events related to the curve described above.

And it must be added that the Alt+shift event, that sets the luminosity value in the RGB, is not captured either.

And another problem to be able to display the values of Red Green and Blue, these must necessarily have different values in the input and the output if they come with the same value they are not visible in the json either.


I’m not an expert by any means, but I don’t think it is currently possible. Not everything in Photoshop is accessible yet. Things like those auto settings, certain settings inside the ADR filter, etc. are not currently available. Hopefully, they will be eventually.