Allow passing null or negative number to use current value in move and resize APIs


In the resize(), placeInParentCoordinates() and moveInParentCoordinates() allow passing in null or a negative number to one of the parameter values to use the current size or position.


rectangle.moveInParentCoordinates(null, 10); // move ten pixels from the current position

To ease learning curve for new developers who would not have to be concerned with the coordinate system, rotation, transforms, etc.

Use Case

Joan is a designer at EndUp Inc, a start up for end tables. She is creating prototypes for new end tables and is repeating the same designs with minor variations.

Someone mentions that she can automate part of her work with a plugin. She’s concerned about the long term effects of automation and often wonders what the world would look like if it valued creativity more but she pushes that out of her mind to focus on her task at hand.

Her current task is to move the current group of vectors 100 pixels to the right. “If only more people would move 100 pixels to the right in their mind…” she thinks to herself, “…towards creativity thinking”.

She looks up the API to move and resize objects in and reads about the coordinate system. “This is really powerful” she says to herself. “I could probably do anything with it. But right now I just want to move it over by a set amount. Local bounds? Global bounds? Am I at a Trump rally?” Joan rubs her eyes and looks at the clock. “Why didn’t I study more in school?”