Add non delta size and position methods

Add methods that use absolute or relative positions. A few of the API’s require specifying deltas in their parameters.

rectange.moveInParentCoordinates(maaaathX, maaaathY);

rectange.moveInParentAt(x, y);

Use Case:
Kuwabara is writing an plugin to set the position of the selected object 25 pixels from the top and left of the container it is in. Using the current API he has to find out the current position and then offset that the new position. Since he knows where he wants the element to go he would rather make a call that sets the pixel position by it’s x and y position instead of deltas.

Applicable methods:

For moving, the non-relative equivalent is placeInParentCoordinates(). It sounds like you had some questions about that API so I’ll try to reply to your other thread on that soon (SceneNode.moveTo method relative to parent node).

For resizing, the resize() API is non-relative.