Allow to access any part of the app UI

I think it would be useful if the API could allow get access to any part of program’s UI such as the topbar where the Design/Prototype tabs or the Preview/Share icons are in order to create a better experience. That would also mean to allow to create sidebars with custom content so that plugins ui are not just based on modal dialogs, which sometimes might be a little bit inconvenient. .

Other insertion points are something we’re actively working on. :slight_smile:


@dagi3d as @kerrishotts mentioned, this is an area we’re actively exploring. Do you have specific workflows you’re trying to enable? Any additional info you could provide would help ensure we’re moving in the right direction.


see this once @afuchs

Thanks for the heads up @afuchs and @kerrishotts :slight_smile:
The workflows I had in mind were similar to what already exists in certain plugins in Sketch. For example, some of them insert a custom UI inside the right sidebar and depending on the selected element, some parts of the UI might be active/disabled/hidden (see attached screenshot)
This custom ui could potentially be inserted as part of the current sidebar or get a full area for itself and content could be toggled.

Also, I was thinking about the possibility of assigning arbitrary metadata to the elements inside the artboard in order to add specific properties related to the plugin.

Eventually, I was wondering if it’s possible to get early access to the development versions of XD in order to test these new features.

Thanks a lot.


thanks for providing a great example. Something very similar to this will be available to the public this summer. It’s already in the prerelease (