XD 20 API changes - new menu structure

XD 20 is now available, and it brings with it some changes and new features for plugins:

  • "Launchpad" UI – A new sidebar makes it easier for users to launch plugins. In the near future, this will also be a place where plugins can show their own custom panel UI (but not quite yet!).

  • Menu structure changes – XD now arranges plugin menu items more cleanly:

    • Multiple menu items are automatically grouped together into a submenu named after the plugin. There’s no longer any need to manually specify a submenu.
    • If your plugin only has a single menu item, it’ll still be available directly at the top level of the Plugins menu.
    • However, top level menu items always use the name of the plugin. If your plugin’s single menu item had a different label specified, it will be ignored.
  • Text scenenode super/subscripttextScript is added to the Text scenenode APIs and the Assets panel text style APIs.

For further details on these API changes, see the updated changelog or this complete diff of all docs changes. You can also read more about XD 20’s new features for end users.

As always, don’t forget to update your plugin manifest’s minVersion if you are going to rely on any of the new API features.

Happy coding!

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And, if I understand correctly something Kerri said, a plugin with multiple panels will also get a single entry in the “launchpad” with the panel names available as a drop-down?

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@peterflynn So if I understand correctly currently there is no way to see a UI for the plugins in xd 20. Only in the official 21 we’ll be able to see the panels? Correct?

yeap that’s correct.

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Yeap that’s correct. in XD 20, you can only see the launch pad (panels won’t work). In XD 21, you will be able to see the actual panels.