Are plugins panels supported in XD 20?

Are plugin panels supported in XD 20?

Nope. XD 21 will be the first version to support plugin panels.

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OK But you see the button there in the lower left hand corner right?

This is only the panel where plugins are listed in XD 20. In XD 21 in this panel we can also load plugins as panel UI there. I talked about this with @kerrishotts because had the same question.

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I think I can post this from Kerri here:

listing plugins in the side panel is in XD 20; the ability for panels to show their UI in the side panel will be in XD 21. Apologies for any confusion there; for us we’ve been on XD 20 for some time, so “next version” is a little misleading for the public.

If you want to play with panels, let us know and we can get you into the XD Prerelease, which has the panel support.

They are on vacation. You can post whatever you want! :wink: When the cats away the mice will play!

OK not really. There is no evidence of that.

The appearance of the plugin button had me confused. I had previously submitted my plugin with the panel enabled and it wouldn’t install so the button is there but panels are not.

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"Launchpad" UI – A new sidebar makes it easier for users to launch plugins. In the near future, this will also be a place where plugins can show their own custom panel UI (but not quite yet!).

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