Details on XD 19 API changes

Sorry for the delay in providing a detailed changelog this time around…

As you likely already know, XD 19 added some very exciting new features for end users! Some of these features are reflected in plugin-related changes:

  • Components & Design Systems – Symbols are now called Components, and they support resizing and much richer per-instance overrides. One important impact of this is that sometimes only a subset of your plugin’s changes will be applied to the scenegraph – i.e. changes from a plugin command may not always be applied atomically. When the user is editing the “master” copy of the Component, some of your changes may appear in other instances of the Component and some of your changes may be overridden by local changes in a particular instance. For more details, see discussion in the changelog or Component / SymbolInstance docs.

  • New Polygon node type

  • New Text scenenode stylesstrikethrough and textTransform are added to the Text scenenode APIs and the Assets panel text style APIs.

We had one more big addition for plugin APIs in this release:

  • Read prototyping interactions – Read-only access to the interactivity settings in the document (e.g. the blue “wires” seen in XD’s prototyping UI).

For further details on these API changes, see the updated changelog page or this complete diff of all docs changes .

And as always, don’t forget to update your plugin manifest’s minVersion if you are going to rely on any of these new API features.

Happy coding!


Is it possible to get the array of overrides for a component? Let’s say a component has two states, default and hover. Each override would contain the property changes.

Is it possible to get the array of states in a component? This would return an array containing, “default” and “hover”.

@Velara – it’s not possible yet to get the list of states, the contents of each state (other than the one currently displayed on the canvas), or an explicit diff between the states. We’re actively working on the first two, but don’t know yet when they’ll be shipping. Feel free to open feature request threads for any of these, though!

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I already did, you upvoting it would be greatly appreciated.